Casey Cunningham Founder of XINNIX

XINNIX Loan Officer Training

XINNIX, The Mortgage Academy of Excellence is designed to sharpen the skills of the most seasoned mortgage professionals and produce highly successful new mortgage professionals. XINNIX is considered the nation’s finest mortgage institution by partners and students.

Branch Manager Testimonials

Aiman AbozeidAiman Abozeid
Branch Manager – Madison, WI
“XINNIX training has made me focus on the items I need to daily over and over to perpetuate, maintain and grow my branch.”
Mark SchulenburgMark Schulenburg
Branch Manager – Oak Brook, IL
“XINNIX is not rocket science, but that’s OK because we are not in the rocket business. We are in the mortgage business, and what XINNIX provides is by far the best mortgage sales training available! As a sales training company, XINNIX is excellent, just as the derivative of their name implies. Not only does XINNIX provide solid methodology for effectively building relationships with business referral sources, it also provides the tools, strategies, techniques, and accountability to implement the methodology. Success is ultimately the responsibility of the individual loan originator, but for a loan originator who decides to be responsible for success, XINNIX provides the roadmap to that success.”
Kevin LaffeyKevin Laffey
Branch Manager – Overland Park, KS
“The XINNIX program has coached us on becoming more accountable for the day to day activities that we should all be focused on. This has allowed us to open many new key source relationships and also improved our recruiting efforts.”

Inlanta Training News

5 Reasons to Join Inlanta Mortgage  – October 2013

One of the main reasons Inlanta Mortgage continues to attract high producing mortgage professionals is our commitment to training. We maintain an ongoing partnership with XINNIX, The Mortgage Academy of Excellence.  To learn more, click here.

Mortgage Training – Stay Current on Mortgage Matters – May 2013

Inlanta Mortgage hosts various seminars and other training activities to ensure our loan officers are kept abreast of changing regulations, loan program guidelines, and market conditions. To learn more, click here.

Branch Manager Leadership Training – April 2013

Inlanta Mortgage recently held a XINNIX leadership training session which all Inlanta Mortgage branch managers attended. To learn more about this training session, click here.

Loan Originator Training – March 2013

Inlanta Mortgage is delighted to announce a training partnership with XINNIX, The Mortgage Academy of Excellence. XINNIX provides an integrated suite of programs and services designed to coach and mentor loan originators. Read more here.

Inlanta Branch Manager Meeting – February 2013

Every year, Inlanta Mortgage branch managers assemble to discuss issues facing our industry, ways to improve of our internal processes and procedures, and to lay out a growth plan for the rest of the year. To read more, click here.