Truth in Testimonials – Hear What Our Employees Have to Say

Have you ever read a great restaurant review that actually swayed you to go there? How about a negative review that made you question using a certain brand, product, or service?

In today’s world, online reviews are considered just as important as personal recommendations. That is why here at Inlanta, we take our reviews seriously and we understand that there’s truth in testimonials.

While we’d love to spend some time giving you our own testimonial on what makes Inlanta great, we’d rather have you hear it from our team members themselves.

Take this testimonial from one of our newest Branch Managers, Sean Reilly, for example.

Sean says, “My experience with Inlanta has exceeded expectations. I’ve worked for a wide range of companies, from a big bank to a small correspondent lender to a large direct retail lender, and one theme has been consistent: processing/underwriting is a struggle. What I’ve been most impressed by with Inlanta is not how easy everything is, but how helpful, responsive, and responsible the processing and underwriting teams have been. Instead of passing the buck back to me, they actually talk to the customer, find solutions, and save us all time and stress. It’s a novel concept, one that I’ve been asking management teams to implement (in vain) for a decade. I’m glad it’s not an issue at Inlanta!”

For more of our truthful testimonials, we encourage you to watch the above video, visit our pages on Glassdoor and Indeed, and reach out to us (or any one of our Branch Managers) to find out what it’s really like to be on Team Inlanta.

If you’d like to know what our customers have to say, please visit our Google+, Facebook, Yelp, SocialSurvey, or Zillow profiles.

You can also contact our SVP, Chad Gomoll, directly at 262-439-4260, our RVP, Brian Jensen, at 630-927-0380 for opportunities in the Midwest, or, our Regional Production Manager, Kevin Laffey, at 913-645-4647 for opportunities in the KS, MO, IA, and NE markets.