Branch Managers Discuss Inlanta’s Support Services

Here’s What Our Valued Employees Are Saying

We take great pride in helping our customers achieve their financial dreams and goals and we take great pride in helping our employees provide excellent service to our customers. Read the partner testimonials of just a few of our valued employees.

Best of Both Worlds

“I joined Inlanta Mortgage after working for an independent broker for nearly 8 years. The broker business was going away or was going to be severely restricted at best. Inlanta Mortgage offered me the best of all worlds – they allow me the freedom to run my own office and remain profitable during a volatile time in the mortgage industry.
My transition was very smooth, as Inlanta Mortgage took the time to personally introduce me to all the department heads that worked directly with me to cover everything from office set-up to marketing support.
I use the Central Processing Department exclusively and find them to be extremely competent, hard working and always willing to work with me to get my loans closed. The Funding Department has always made my closings a joy to attend. I can expect the closing packages to be complete, accurate and on time.
I am extremely happy with my decision to join Inlanta Mortgage!”

Wow Factor

“Friday closing? Tuesday docs out. Wednesday HUD approved. Thursday wire out. Friday NO FIRE DRILL! Suddenly, Inlanta Mortgage is your title company’s favorite lender!
Thanks again for a job well done and for going beyond expectations!”

Superior Underwriters

“I am really glad we have Randy as one of our underwriters. He has been extremely helpful with questions, and as you know, I have plenty of challenging situations that Randy has been excellent in getting back to me in a timely manner with accurate information. I also really appreciate that all of our underwriters have been great to deal with and willing to talk and discuss files that are underwritten. I have had a few instances where I needed clarification on conditions or just needed to see what exactly was needed and it is great to have access to talk (via e-mail or phone depending on the situation) directly to the decision maker. I also appreciate that fact that Randy has actually called me on 2 occasions regarding a file that he was underwriting. One was to make sure I knew why it wouldn’t work and that he double checked that there was no way to make the deal work. The other was because he needed clarification and with that simple phone call, I was able to clarify it and he proceeded in underwriting.
I also wanted to compliment Randy for going the extra effort on my last file. This customer is from a realtor that just started sending me business (2 closed loans this month already from her) and with getting this one done at the last minute, she actually referred another buyer because of it. It really is a huge benefit to us to have our underwriters understand how important certain transactions are even without telling them.
Randy truly is a great asset to our company. Thank you for your hard work Randy, it really is appreciated.”

Team Work Pays Off

“I would like to send out a HUGE thanks to my underwriter and processor. This wouldn’t have taken place without their help. We basically got a loan from start to finish done in 7 days. I have a great staff and for those of you whom I haven’t worked with before now you have an opportunity to see the work we will put into a loan to help it get done.”

Funding Department That Cares

“I wanted to take the time to thank the underwriters and the Funding Department for helping me close my customers’ file. Many times the Funding Department only hears the problems and what didn’t happen. On this particular file, everyone went beyond their normal standards to get this loan closed and my customer in the home they really wanted. Our underwriters and closers did an exceptional job on this and was a pleasure to work with. I now look like a hero to my customers and the realtors involved in the transaction.
Thanks again for a job well done and for going beyond expectations!”

Exceptional Service

“Our Account Manager has been GREAT to work with! He is extremely responsive to e-mail/voice mail and he gets answers to questions/issues in a timely efficient manner. He gets results on files, and moves things forward when warranted, and needed, to keep a closing on track. He is certainly a ‘Go-To-Guy’ when something needs to get done.
We all get frustrated when things don’t go the way they are meant to. He is good about working through these issues and keeping things moving forward. He is an asset to the company and we appreciate the job that he does!”

Closing Department

“Thanks to the Closing Department for making me look very good today! The title agent raved to everyone at the closing at what an easy process Inlanta Mortgage has and how quick our employees are – I think her exact words were, ‘I love Michelle, she is so quick and efficient!’
Thanks again for making my closing go so smoothly – it is much appreciated!”

Exceptional Job – Client Approval

“The Inlanta Mortgage underwriting team did an exceptional job with getting my client approved and clear-to-close. When I called him to tell him about his approval – he almost hit the ceiling! He said those were the best words he has ever heard, after going through a difficult time with another lender. We were able to take him to closing in less than three weeks!
Thank you all!”