Meet Today’s Home Buyer

The Evolution of the Home Buyer

The typical home buyer has certainly changed over the years. From then to now, as the mortgage industry, process, and programs have greatly evolved so has our buyer.

Let’s take a look at today’s traditional buyer below.

Meet Today’s Home Buyer

Based on an infographic from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), today’s first-time buyer is waiting longer to purchase a home – at 32 years old, today’s buyer’s age has reached an all-time high over typical past buyers.

Our buyer’s household income is now on average $75,000 and the median purchase price comes in around $190,000.

Another interesting fact from the infographic shows that today’s first-time buyer is typically only putting 5% down on a first home as opposed to the traditional 20% down payment options of the past. This is likely due to new loan products and programs that offer low down payment options and down payment assistance.

41% of today’s buyers are also, unfortunately, carrying student loan debt averaging around $29,000. Student loan debt has been a major roadblock for buyers today and a hot topic in the industry as many are so stressed by debt that the thought of taking on additional debt with a mortgage loan is intimidating. The debt is also causing buyers to struggle with saving for a down payment making non-traditional loan products and down payment assistance programs all the more important today.

Has Your Mortgage Platform Evolved?

Are you still stuck in the past offering mortgage products that only cater to a traditional homebuyer?

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