Inlanta’s Point of Differentiation

What is it about Inlanta?

“What I would say makes Inlanta different, as someone whose been in the industry a very long time with an entrepreneurial spirit, this company has fostered that, believes in it, and helps me grow. That’s what’s different.” – Yvette Clermont, top producer at Inlanta Mortgage, Inc.

In our latest video, our top producers discuss how we help them achieve their personal best as well as what makes Inlanta different from other companies in our industry.

If you’d like to hear more about career opportunities with Inlanta Mortgage, contact our SVP, Chad Gomoll, at 262-439-4260. You may also contact our RVP, Brian Jensen, at 630-927-0380 for opportunities in the Midwest, our RVP, David Williams, at 303-947-1960 for opportunities in Texas & Colorado, or, our Regional Production Manager, Kevin Laffey, at 913-645-4647 for opportunities in the KS, MO, and IA markets.