Inlanta Mortgage Executive Biographies

Meet our Executive Team

The Inlanta Mortgage Executive Team is committed to providing our partner branches and employees outstanding support services. Find out more about the individual executives and the departments they oversee by clicking on their names below.
john knowlton inlanta
John Knowlton
Founder/Chairman of the Board

nick deltorto inlanta
Nick DelTorto
Chief Executive Officer

john watry inlanta
John Watry
Chief Financial Officer

paul buege inlanta
Paul Buege

chris knowlton inlanta
Chris Knowlton
Chief Information Officer

kevin  laffey inlanta
Kevin Laffey
Regional Production Manager

dave stephan inlanta
Dave Stephan
TPO Manager

aaron kaczorowski inlanta
Aaron Kaczorowski
Account Executive

shaun mcguire inlanta
Shaun McGuire
Director of Branch Development

kelli steigenberger inlanta
Kelli Steigenberger
Corporate Administration Manager

carla blazek inlanta
Carla Blazek
Underwriting Manager

lindsay gardner inlanta
Lindsay Gardner
Central Processing Manager

robin hughes inlanta
Robin Hughes
Funding Manager

rod weis inlanta
Rod Weis
Production Services Manager

mike ehlinger inlanta
Mike Ehlinger
IT Manager

traci huntemann-piatt inlanta
Traci Huntemann-Piatt
Marketing Manager

kimberly tork inlanta
Kimberly Tork
Corporate Compliance Manager

karen kremel inlanta
Karen Kremel
Quality Control/Disclosures Manager

helen summerfield-brown inlanta
Helen Summerfield-Brown
Director of HR

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