Meet Team Inlanta! Part 2


If there’s one thing we know to be true it’s that, it’s the people, that truly makes Inlanta a great place to work! We love our team and appreciate all that they do for our organization, so this month, we want to highlight the stars of our organization.


Team HR: Our HR Pro’s have a long-standing commitment to ensure our employees are thriving personally and professionally! Thanks #TeamHR for all you do!


Team Marketing: Our marketing department’s creative & strategic focus help us stand out and grow as a company every day! Special thanks to this awesome team for all their hard work!


Team Post-Closing: Where would we be without our awesome Post-Closing team? Thanks for all that you do to help Inlanta achieve success!


Team Secondary Marketing: We want to recognize Inlanta’s Secondary Marketing team for always keeping us up to date on the latest industry news and rates. This team rocks!


Team Systems: This highly trained group are masters of their craft and our LOS experts! Thanks to our systems team for always making it happen!


Team TPO: This dynamic duo helps Inlanta build strong partnerships within our communities and ensures our TPO customers are top priority! We love Team TPO!


Team Production Services: We want to thank our amazing Appraisal/Production Services Team for all of the great work they do for us, our customers, and our community!


Want to join #TeamInlanta? Contact us today for opportunities in your area!  

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Meet Team Inlanta! Part 1

What makes Inlanta great? Simple. It’s the people! We love our team and appreciate all that they do for our organization, so this month, we want to highlight the stars of our organization.


Team Underwriting: Our Underwriting team’s unwavering dedication to successfully streamlining the application process for our customers, originators, and referral partners is key to our success.


Team CP: Meet our tight-knit Central Processing Team whose continued efforts help support our loan officers by providing top quality service to our customers! We know that outstanding processing makes a difference and it sure shows with this outstanding team!


Team Business Development: This team’s hard work and dedication to grow our company and share our mission has been a key part of our success and strong culture! Thank you to our Business Development team for all that they do!


Team Accounting: We want to highlight our amazing Accounting Department for their ongoing mission to provide superior service & support!


Team IT: We want to recognize this awesome group of individuals for keeping us on the cutting edge of technology in our industry and for helping our offices operate efficiently every day!


Team Compliance: Strong compliance support is a must in our industry and we wouldn’t be as strong as we are without this team!


Team Funding: We want to thank our dedicated Funding/Closing team for always going the extra mile for our customers to ensure complete confidence in their closings!


Stay tuned for our next blog post to meet even more of our awesome members of #TeamInlanta! 


Third Party Origination Solutions Q/A Part 1

You’ve got questions about our TPO program and we’ve got answers. Below are a few common inquiries we receive about our Third Party Origination Solutions program that we are happy to answer.

Q: What is TPO?

A: A third-party origination agreement with Inlanta Mortgage will allow your company to originate mortgage loans you might not currently offer. Participating TPO partners perform a defined set of settlement services then deliver the loan to Inlanta Mortgage’s experienced operations team for processing, underwriting, and funding. Inlanta pays a fee per loan funded.

Q: What products do you offer?

A: We offer Conforming, Jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA and state bond programs as allowable. We also offer renovation lending via Fannie Mae’s Homestyle and FHA 203K.

Q: Do you have a dedicated processing staff?

A: Inlanta offers best in class service to our partners. We do have a dedicated staff that will work with your Loan Officers to ensure the best experience for the customer.

Q: Do you offer marketing support?

A: Yes! We have a full Marketing department that will work with you on flyers and brochures that you can share with your customers/members and your referral partners.

Q: Are you affiliated with a bank?

A: No. Inlanta Mortgage is an award- winning independent mortgage banking firm. We are not associated with any banks, so your customers are safe from direct solicitation.

Contact us today for more details about our TPO program! We can’t wait to help you originate more and worry less.

All About Improvement – Inlanta Attends MBA’s National Secondary Market Conference in NYC

Earlier this month, our Chief Financial Officer, John Watry, and Chief Operations Officer, Paul Buege, had the pleasure of attending The Mortgage Bankers Association’s National Secondary Market Conference in New York, NY.

We recently sat down with our Inlanta representatives and while our CFO and COO primarily enjoyed networking with fellow mortgage professionals and vendor partners, they shared some key takeaways they experienced at this year’s event.

Watry and Buege noted that while the conference did not focus on a particular industry theme or hot button topic aside from GSE reform, there was an underlying consensus centered around improvement.

“If there was a theme,” Watry says, “It would be improvement.”

“Improvement, and focusing more on consumer experience,” Buege added as he shared more on Inlanta’s goals to create a positive overall experience for our consumers and Realtor partners. “During the conference, it was validated over and over that the entire industry, like Inlanta, has proven successful in speeding up the process and becoming more efficient. But now, maybe, more importantly, lenders are recognizing that it’s really the experience that’s important through the transaction. At Inlanta, we know how important that is which is why we get business done, ahead of schedule, always on-time, creating an awesome experience for all stakeholders involved in the transaction.”

From vendors to lenders, everyone at the conference seemed to be striving ahead to do things better, faster, smoother, stronger. Industry leader, Rob Chrisman, had the same take on the “non-themed” theme of the conference that he expressed in his Daily Mortgage News and Commentary on May 3rd.

Chrisman states, “As the 1,400 or so registered participants in the MBA’s Secondary Marketing conference head home, bleary-eyed, the tagline for the conference could have been, ’Just Do It Easier, Better, Faster, Cheaper… the Order is Up to You.’”

With Inlanta’s goal in mind of continuing to better ourselves in order to serve more customers, a lot of time at the conference, Watry noted, was spent discussing our goals with some of our current and potential partners.

Watry said, “It was exciting to meet with strong Inlanta partners and service providers whom we have built relationships with over time to discuss our common goal in finding better ways to serve our customers. To be able to talk to our great partners that we enjoy doing business with and to celebrate the successful work we’ve been able to accomplish together was really the highlight of our trip.”

Buege agreed stating that, “We met with the top investors and correspondent vendors in America at the event and it again validated that we are partnering up with the right companies that can get us the products and services that we need to advance the growth of Inlanta in 2017.”

As far as what’s to come for the future of the mortgage industry, Watry’s answer was simple: “Technology!”

Buege and Watry continued on to discuss the opportunities our Inlanta reps had to talk with many new technology companies and vendors who are proving, without a doubt, that they are advancing the software and tools that will most certainly help lenders, like Inlanta, continue to advance their success in creating a faster, better, stronger mortgage lending experience.

As far as the outlook on the market, Buege remains positive.

“Attending the conference really validated what many of us have been hearing and seeing in that the outlook for the purchase market is going to be very strong and remain strong for a long time, even though interest rates could potentially put a damper on homebuyer enthusiasm.”

Buege and Watry agreed that despite what one may think about higher rates leading to less opportunity for home buyers, it will actually only continue to drive more potential buyers into the marketplace; so, the outlook for purchase business remains positive.

“Coming off the National Secondary Conference,” Buege says, “we are excited that our business model was validated, that a company like Inlanta that is 90% purchase focus, that has the right design with street originators working strongly in partnership with Realtors will be an advantage to really win market share in 2017 and the years to come.”

“Our speed in the delivery of services is currently exceeding industry standards, which affords us the ability to go into a tight housing market knowing that we can really compete because we’ve got the services, we’ve got the products, and we’re proud to say that we can win business every day”

What’s in store for Inlanta? Both our CFO and COO agreed that the independent mortgage banking model that we operate in will “only become stronger” in 2017 and future years to come. Our business model at Inlanta has proven to and will continue to be great for our consumers and the market’s insatiable appetite as long as we continue to put our customer’s first.

Watry and Buege were also thrilled with the positive recognition Inlanta received at this year’s event for being a top-tier lender in originating and delivering high-quality mortgage products in the secondary market. They discussed how this will reward Inlanta in the coming year and years to come, opening up more opportunities for our company to build more relationships with vendor partners.

As the Inlanta brand continues to grow, industry professionals at the conference were not shy on sharing with Watry and Buege their knowledge of our company along with kudos to our marketing department for growing and developing the brand on a national level.

“It’s pretty cool,” Beuge said, “to be able to come back from the conference and congratulate the entire organization because it is the entire organization, all of the professionals that in 2016 set and developed great impressions, that the Inlanta brand is now on the national stage.”

Inlanta Attends WCUL 2017 Convention and Expo

Blog post was written by attendee, Dave Stephan, Inlanta’s TPO Manager. 

The Wisconsin Credit Union League 2017 Convention and Expo just wrapped up last week. I was told by a WCUL representative that this conference is one of the largest state CU conventions in the country and I believe it!  With over 90 exhibitors and 500 attendees, it was one of the largest state industry trade conventions I have attended.

It seems there was no shortage of Third Party Origination (TPO) service providers that were exhibiting.  I was told there were more this year than ever before, and in fact, it was Inlanta’s first year at the show as well.

Why so many? Mortgage Compliance is an indifferent master. It doesn’t care if you’re a bank or a credit union – we all, by and large, have to follow the same rules. The MBA reported in late 2016 that while per loan profits rose by about 5% from earlier in the year (likely from refi’s which are no longer in play), production expenses per loan remained at a historical high of $6,969. With those kinds of numbers, it seems pretty clear where TPO providers are looking to provide value to credit unions and their members.

We can give a credit union the ability to originate loans including conventional, FHA, VA, USDA Rural Development, and jumbo for their members that would otherwise be cost prohibitive from an administrative or compliance (see above!) perspective.  Back-office functions, including issuing disclosures, processing, underwriting, and closing along with the respective compliance burden are all handled by us. That allows the credit union to focus on their member, providing the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost which fits perfectly in their mission as a not-for-profit institution.

Inlanta is a Wisconsin-based company with a nearly 25-year track record as a leading provider of Mortgage Services.  Let us show you how to increase your mortgage production and fee income and reduce costs.

Originate more and worry less!   Need more information?  Email me at or call 262.754.6292 or visit our LinkedIn page.

Emerging Leaders and How to Find Them

Article originally featured in National Mortgage Professional Magazine

Inlanta Mortgage’s Senior Vice President of Business Development, Chad Gomoll, was recently featured in a National Mortgage Professional Magazine article discussing the importance of leadership, the qualities of true leaders, and, the benefits of having a team of leaders within your organization.

Who qualifies as a leader within your company? Chad notes that,

“Leaders come from a variety of backgrounds and can lead at any age or stage in their career. Whether they are a young Millennial only a couple of years into their career or an industry veteran who has 30+ years under their belt, each person has their own unique perspective, knowledge, and experiences to bring to the table. As long as they have the technical aptitude—an understanding of all areas of the business and their craft—to help the team navigate difficult situations and leverage positive ones, leaders can hold any position in the company, not just positions of authority. Having leaders at every level is actually beneficial, as these people are usually the ones inspiring the rest of their team members to step up their game to achieve the common goals of the organization.”

When discussing the true innate qualities of a leader, Chad summarizes that leaders are the self-starters, the do-ers, and the decision makers. They often put others first and direct their efforts toward the good of the company and their peers.

“Leaders tend to have an innate desire to lead. They are self-starters who volunteer to spearhead the next group project, take on a new task or responsibility that doesn’t fall inside their usual scope of duties, and want to be more involved in the organization. They take initiative to get the job done and encourage others to follow their example. They also are quick-thinkers who recognize when decisions need to be made quickly and are unafraid of making executive decisions. But most importantly, they have the ability to help their team navigate through any situation that may arise.


Leaders are altruistic and have a servant’s heart. They put the needs of their colleagues first. They recognize that it’s not just about them, but the team and organization as a whole. They motivate others, enable them to do their jobs, and put in just as much effort as (if not more than) the rest of the team. When you show others that you are invested in their success and are willing to get your hands dirty right along with them, others will start to follow your example.”

To read more Chad’s full article from National Mortgage Professional Magazine, click here.

At Inlanta Mortgage, Inc., we are always searching for leaders to join our growing team. Reach out to Chad Gomoll today at 262-439-4260 to discuss the leadership mentality at Inlanta or email us if you’d like to learn more about branch manager and loan officer opportunities.

Customer Service Still Key in Mortgage Lending

Written by Inlanta Mortgage Inc. Third Party Originations Manager, Dave Stephan.

Bad customer service is nothing new.  I’m sure that as long as there has been an exchange of goods and services among humankind even the first caveman probably muttered something about waiting in line too long to get his share of wooly mammoth.

At times, I feel like we’re resigned to receiving bad service or, at worst, simply grown to expect it.  Often, companies are striving to maximize profitability and cut costs where savings can be easily and quickly achieved.  Low staffing and training levels lead to high turnover, which leads to increased costs, which leads to lower staffing/training, and the cycle renews itself.

I was treated (yes, treated – more on that later) to one of the most shocking examples of poor service recently at the 2017 Wisconsin Mortgage Bankers Association’s Spring Real Estate Conference. Imagine a typical conference lunch among your peers. Food is served, water and coffee are poured, and oops! Your server fills your glass (leaning in waaay over your back) until it overflows on the table and you notice it happens to the person next to you, and another, and another. Now, the server is talking on his cell phone while trying to pick up dishes.

He drops a tray and asks a diner to hold some dirty dishes while he picks up some others. Soon, mouths in the room are agape and people are whispering. Cell phones come out to record for several minutes what looks to be a social media worthy disaster in the making. Then, the server begins heckling the lunch speaker! Beyond the worst service ever.

As it turns out (and as you might have guessed), the server, Don Pryor, AKA The World’s Worst Waiter, was the lunch entertainment. The gig was up when the keynote speaker, as he was being heckled, challenged Don to come up to the podium to see if he could do better. Don spoke for several minutes about his experiences doing this skit over the years, recounting reactions ranging from mild annoyance to threats of physical harm. It was one of the most memorable conference experiences I’ve had and it got me thinking.

As bad customer service experiences go, it was fascinating to see how polite and tolerant the audience was, at least until things went way over the top. Perhaps, in a less public setting, things would have been different but I suspect we have indeed lowered our expectations in these kinds of interactions. Given a slightly less outrageous spectacle, I think most would have chalked the experience up to, “what can you expect?”, and hardly given it a second thought.

Mortgage Lending is at its core, a customer service business. We sell an intangible product that through all the technological advances of the last decade or so, still hinges on the interaction between borrower and lender. As such, we’re susceptible to the same lessening of expectations of any customer service business, even something as different as food service.

We can help your institution focus on that customer interaction by leveraging Inlanta’s Third Party Origination program and the expertise that a billion-dollar lender can bring to the table. Your originators can manage the customer experience for all your FHA, VA, USDA, RD, and even conventional loans and we take care of the rest.

We’ll help you originate more and worry less.  Need more information?  Email me at or call 262.754.6292 or visit our LinkedIn page.

Technology Trends and the Banking Industry

We recently asked our Third Party Originations Manager, Dave Stephan, to clue us in on what’s currently trending in the banking world.

Dave provided us with great insight and even offered to write us a guest blog post for our website. Read on to learn more about technology and banking.

“In the interest of full disclosure, let me first say that I am not a banking expert nor do I play one on TV (or even the internet for that matter).

Trends that I’ve seen for banking in 2017 and beyond almost exclusively deal with technology or have a substantial underlying tech component to their existence. Blockchain, open API’s for various platforms, mobile solutions, to name a few, are inherently technology-based and others such as continued compliance and regulatory concerns are generally being dealt with through tech-based solutions.

To me, the word “trend” has always implied something exciting or interesting – a new fashion trend! A new restaurant trend! A new music trend! – Trends now come at us with such frequency and velocity (thanks, internet) that most of us have trouble staying on top of what’s coming. I suppose that is part of what a trend is – having a substantial part of the population in its wake, trying to keep up.

I suspect that the trends in banking I mentioned earlier will certainly elicit interest from community institutions but probably not excitement. At least, not in a good way.

A community bank or credit union’s reason for being, offering high-touch personal service that recognizes a customer’s unique needs, is fundamentally at odds with where technology seems to be going. That is, as a replacement for a personal interaction rather than a facilitator of that interaction.  Mobile deposit, online account opening, Apple pay, Rocket Mortgage – the list goes on. ATM’s, once considered a threat to the traditional teller transaction, are now themselves becoming obsolete to our mobile devices and will likely go the way of the phone booth.

We’ve been trying to hammer the square peg of the mortgage transaction into the round hole of technology for years with varying degrees of success. Each successive advancement predicted the demise of some segment of the process. LP/DU – death of the underwriter. AVM’s – death of the appraiser. Online mortgage application – death of the loan officer.

I’m happy to report that these deaths have been greatly exaggerated (thank you, Mark Twain).

The mortgage process can be an incredibly complicated, messy, and emotional endeavor as anyone in this business can attest to.  Borrowers, loan officers, appraisers, underwriters, processors, closers, Realtors, title companies and more each play their own critical role that technology can never become a complete substitute for.”

Special thanks to Dave for the inside knowledge!

With Inlanta’s Third Party Mortgage Origination program, we can help you focus on your customer or member by providing the technology to facilitate and enhance your mortgage origination efforts.  Every potential borrower is a cross-sale opportunity too valuable to lose. We provide the ability to easily enter the government or jumbo lending market or supplement your conventional business to maximize those opportunities.

Let us help you originate more and worry less!  Need more information?  Email Dave at, call 262.754.6292, or visit our LinkedIn page.

Inlanta Mortgage Welcomes David Williams as RVP of Business Development

Inlanta Mortgage, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of David Williams, Regional Vice President of Business Development, to Team Inlanta.

David Williams comes to Inlanta Mortgage with over 30 years in the mortgage business. David has been recognized as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential Mortgage Executives in America” in 2013, 2014, and 2015 by Mortgage Executive Magazine.

Inlanta Mortgage President & CEO Nicholas DelTorto said, “Inlanta has seen significant growth over the past year. We moved our corporate headquarters to a new building to accommodate our expanding staff and David will help us continue on this growth trajectory.”

Inlanta Mortgage Senior Vice President Chad Gomoll continued, “We have added 4 branches within the last quarter, and we want to expand our footprint in Colorado and Texas and continue to grow our presence throughout the country. David Williams will help us accomplish our planned growth strategy by serving a vital role on our Business Development team.”

Inlanta Mortgage is currently looking for branch managers and loan officers who want to grow their business. To learn more about Inlanta Mortgage branch partnership and loan officer opportunities in Colorado and Texas, contact David Williams at 303-947-1960 or To learn about opportunities in other locations, visit, call 262-439-4260, or email

About Inlanta Mortgage

Headquartered in Pewaukee, WI, Inlanta Mortgage was established in 1993. The company has grown to 39 branches in 16 states and over 250 employees. Inlanta Mortgage offers Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac agency products, as well as jumbo and portfolio programs. The company is an agency-approved lender for Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, FHA/VA, FHA 203K and USDA. Inlanta Mortgage also offers numerous state bond agency programs.

Inlanta Mortgage is the second largest mortgage financing provider in greater Milwaukee as ranked by the Milwaukee Business Journal, as well as the second largest provider of FHA purchase loans and the number one WHEDA lender in Wisconsin. Inlanta Mortgage was named a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Top Workplace for the third consecutive year in 2016. Inlanta has been consistently recognized as one of the “50 Best Mortgage Companies to Work For” by Mortgage Executive Magazine and one of the country’s “Top Mortgage Employers” by National Mortgage Professional. Inlanta Mortgage, Inc. NMLS#1016.

Spring into Busy Season with Inlanta’s TPO Program

First, a little Spring rhyme from our Third-Party Originations Manager, Dave Stephan.

“Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the refi’s is?…”

This past week, we sat down with Dave to discuss the upcoming spring homebuying season and the current market rates. Dave found himself wondering if, given the current rates, we had finally “bottomed out”.

Dave went on to say, ” I remember the excitement at the bank I was working at way back in the late 1980’s when 30-year rates briefly hit 9% and we began what was one of the seemingly endless refi booms we’ve seen over the past 30 years. I don’t think I can recall how many times after that the, ‘Is this it?’ thought entered my mind as rates fell past 8%, 7%, 6%, etc. ”

Dave explained to us that many lending institutions are seeing one of the first traditional “winter into spring” transitions we’ve experienced in a very long time. For past bank or credit union borrowers, this means that a large chunk of these institutions’ overall mortgage volume has largely disappeared.

The silver lining is that we are entering one of the strongest purchase markets since the financial crisis began back in 2007. Back then, the word “millennial” was a term most industry professionals only had a vague understanding of; however, this market is expected to bring on a whole new generation of home buyers in need of assistance.

When discussing how Dave is helping his client base increase profitability during this time, he said, “The question I ask is, does your institution have the right mortgage product mix to reach this market segment as well as the overall purchase market beyond the standard 30-year conventional? More importantly, do your realtor partners recognize you as a lender that can offer more options like FHA, VA, and USDA to meet the needs of their clients?”

According to the Ellie Mae Millennial Tracker, since June of 2016, 40% of millennial loan volume has gone to FHA in the latter half of the year. Rob Chrisman also recently wrote in his Daily Mortgage News & Commentary:

“NAR took a look at the aspiring homeowner in its latest survey. Affordability was the #1 reason for people not owning a home, followed by flexibility concerns. That said, 88% of non-owners eventually do want to own a home. There still seems to be a disconnect between what people think they need (as far as a down payment) versus what is actually required. FHA loans remain the best way to get these people their first home. “

So, in conclusion, if you are a bank or credit union that doesn’t want to miss the boat on this burgeoning market, consider Inlanta Mortgage’s Third Party Origination program. We offer a simple and profitable way to quickly enter the government lending market. Our program includes training for originators to recognize and place their borrowers into the appropriate loan product. After that, we manage disclosures, processing, underwriting, and closing docs, all the while keeping your originator as the “face” of the transaction.

Our in-house marketing staff will also work with you to develop materials branded in your bank or credit union’s name to get the word out to your realtors and business partners.

In short, we offer a true partnership to help you originate more and worry less. Need more information? Email Dave personally at or call 262.754.6292 or visit our LinkedIn page