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What is a branch partnership?

At an Inlanta Mortgage partner branch, the branch manager operates the office with oversight and responsibility for both operating expenses and the supervision of the staff. Some branch partnerships are one-person operations while others are fully-staffed offices with a number of employees.

What are the advantages of partnership with Inlanta Mortgage?

Inlanta handles compliance, audits, and/or regulatory items, processing and funding, as well as the administrative aspects so you can focus on generating business and closing loans.

Who is a good candidate for a partnership?

Although each case varies, the primary candidates include top-producing originators with management experience who want to see more of their profits and small-to-medium sized mortgage broker/banker firms that are looking to increase profits by reducing costs, eliminating administrative headaches, and obtaining USDA/FHA/VA licensing without the expense.

What sets Inlanta apart from the competition?

Inlanta offers professional, honest, production support services that are designed to help create growth for each branch. Trained professionals will help with every aspect of your business, from administrative support to compliance, processing, marketing and IT. Inlanta also has its own Funding Department, which offers fast underwriting, closings and funding.

  • Fully delegated FHA, USDA, 203K & VA authority
  • Latest LOS systems and image technology – an award winning paperless technology
  • Price engine offering multiple investors for best execution
  • Licensed support – NMLS
  • Full CRM database marketing software

The mortgage industry has undergone many dramatic changes over the course of the last few years. Inlanta Mortgage has survived and thrived through a balanced approach to production and profitability, as well as a progressive use of technology that fully integrates LOS and IT platforms. The integrated LOS and IT platforms have responded to regulatory compliance changes and continue to provide efficient service. Inlanta Mortgage is effective and efficient in structuring and assimilating other mortgage operations with minimal disruptions to business through a WIN-WIN merger and acquisition focus. This is consistent with Inlanta Mortgage’s focus on an honest, ethical and financially sound business model.

Have more questions about Inlanta’s services or how to get started? Find what you need with our partner Frequently Asked Questions.

Call any of our branch managers and ask them why they chose Inlanta Mortgage.

Things to Consider

Here are a few things you should ask your prospects as you contemplate this difficult business decision:

  • What type and how many different programs do you offer? Do you offer less-common products, such as reverse mortgage programs, FHA/VA/USDA, etc.?
  • Can I talk to any of your existing managers?
  • Do you offer a pricing engine that shows me the investor options transparency or does it hide the investor?
  • Is there an IT department and/or help desk available to help with technology needs?
  • Do you offer benefits such as health/dental care, life, disability, flexible spending accounts, etc? What about a 401(k) and match program?
  • What is your reputation in the industry? Have you won any awards?
  • Do you have a funding department? Do you have underwriting?
  • Is there a marketing department available to assist me in finding ways to generate business?
  • Do you organize annual sales conferences, rewards trips, or provide ongoing training to assist me in originating more loans?

What if you do not have an NMLS State License?

Simple. Inlanta Mortgage will assist you in obtaining it. What you can expect:

  • The pre-licensing education is provided by Inlanta Mortgage with a streamline process for experienced originators
  • Choice of in-person or conference call classes
  • Your instructor will provide all materials needed for test, step-by-step instructions for application and testing, and a mock test to make sure the process is as simple as possible
Becoming part of a branch partnership can be a very rewarding and profitable way to succeed in today’s challenging mortgage industry. For more information concerning the opportunities available with Inlanta Mortgage contact our Branch Development Team at 262-439-4260 or by email at partner@inlanta.com.