It’s Almost 2018 – Time to Have Your Own Year-End Review

As the holiday’s approach and the year of 2017 comes to a close, now is the perfect time for reflection and evaluation of the year that has passed.

How successful was your 2017? Here are some questions to ask yourself to have your very own year-end review.

  1. Did I achieve the goals I set out to make?
  2. If not, what held me back?
  3. What were my biggest accomplishments in 2017?
  4. What did I do to set myself up for success?
  5. How would I describe this past year in 3 words?
  6. How did I grow?
  7. How did I stay the same?
  8. What is the biggest lesson I learned?
  9. Where were my sales/accomplishments at in comparison to 2016?
  10. What did I spend most of my time on?
  11. How did I invest in myself this year?
  12. What practices did I put in place to help grow my business?
  13. Who nurtured/supported my business this past year?
  14. Where was I lacking support?
  15. What would I have changed about this past year?
  16. Do I have any outstanding goals or unfinished business I’m leaving behind in 2017?
  17. What was my worst setback?
  18. Am I happy with where I’m at?
  19. Where do I see myself in 2018?
  20. What will my biggest goal be for 2018 and how will I accomplish that?

Now that you’ve taken the time to evaluate this past year, it’s time to think about the possibilities for 2018. If these questions prompted you to ponder some changes, we’d love to start a conversation with you regarding your goals for 2018.

Please contact our SVP of Business Development, Chad Gomoll, directly at 262-439-4260, our RVP, Brian Jensen, at 630-927-0380 for opportunities in the Midwest, our RVP, David Williams, at 303-947-1960 for opportunities in Texas & Colorado, or, our Regional Production Manager, Kevin Laffey, at 913-645-4647 for opportunities in the KS, MO, and IA markets.