The Meaning Behind the Mantra- Originate More, Worry Less!

We recently sat down with our Third-Party Origination Manager, Dave Stephan, to discuss what the TPO manager’s mantra for 2017, “Originate More, Worry Less,” really means for his customers.

Dave ironically compared the phrase to an oxymoron- a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction, but which contains a concealed point. For example, carbon copy, clearly confused, jumbo shrimp, and…originate more, worry less!

Dave went on to explain that while anyone who has been in the mortgage industry for the last 10 years may think this sounds like some kind of cruel, impossible oxymoron, the seemingly contradictory phrase is the perfect Third Party Originations mantra for 2017 for a number of reasons.

A look back at what Inlanta Mortgage has achieved in 2016 should help explain why.

  • A record one billion dollars in total production, representing a 16% increase over 2015, and including an LOS conversion in the spring.
  • Addition of Inlanta’s Third Party Originations portal, allowing real time 1003 entry by lending professionals, as well as document and 3.2 upload, in addition to our borrower facing web application.
  • Addition of dedicated TPO management, support and processing staff.
  • Increase in TPO production from 2015 to 2016 of 43%.
  • Increased TPO product offerings including FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo, and Conventional.

The concealed point here, that Dave hopes to shed some light on, is that with Inlanta’s deeply experienced TPO team and full suite of mortgage products, our clients can increase originations, strengthen borrower relationships and increase revenue under a fully RESPA compliant origination services agreement (AKA the “Originate More” part).

In addition, because we handle disclosures, processing, underwriting and closing, the financial institutions we work with will be relieved of the compliance and regulatory responsibilities associated with each of these areas (the “Worry Less” part).

We will help you originate more and worry less in 2017!  Need more information?  Email Dave directly at or call 262.754.6292 or visit our LinkedIn page

Are You Ready to Grow with Us?


2016 was a milestone year for Inlanta Mortgage. This past year, the company moved to a new home, smoothly and successfully adopted a new LOS system, tackled cancer raising over $18,000 for the cause, donated over 1,500 items to our local food pantry, were named a top workplace and top mortgage employer, and greatly surpassed previous levels of production.

While we are grateful for all of the hard work and achievements we reached in 2016, we are even more excited for the year to come and for our Inlanta family to grow. If there’s one thing we realized this year it’s that-it’s the people- that make Inlanta a great place to work.

This year, we are looking for additional outstanding mortgage professionals to add to our vastly growing team. So, are you a top producing loan officer looking to take the next step in your career or a branch manager looking to join a company that fully supports your needs and sets you up for success? If so, Inlanta Mortgage may be the place for you.

How does Inlanta support you?

Centralized Processing

Our in-house processing team operates under an “Own the File” philosophy every day. From post-application until closing, you can be sure that our team will take ownership of their responsibilities and won’t leave your files ignored.


Regardless of volume levels, our underwriting department boasts a consistent 24-48 hour turn time with Day 1 CertaintyTM fully implemented. Inlanta’s Underwriting Resource Center provides not only a guideline check for our loan officers, but also a true scenario discussion, interpretation, and assignment of the file.


Our compliance team offers efficiencies with our new LOS system, LendingQB, providing LE’s with 15-20 minutes to issue. Our system offers all initial disclosures to be “e-signed” and acknowledged electronically to send to our Loan Officers and their customers. Our messaging system, Revation, offers instant messaging or email to contact someone immediately about a file.

Production Support

The production support team at Inlanta offers an Escalation Desk for rush requests, appraisal management, and disclosure of up-to-the-minute turn times to properly manage flow. The team also meets daily for a 15-minute “huddle” to discuss work load and assignments to ensure productivity.


At Inlanta, we offer a transparent, interactive funding calendar posted online and 6 closings per day with 7 funders. We also wire funds to title 24-hours in advance of closing, and we fund on a “skinny package” so that loans fund when finished signing.

Accounting and HR

Inlanta offers a fully transparent experience, full training suite, and a full comprehensive benefits package to our new employees and new branch locations. We also use an AMB software that communicates effectively with our LOS system and assist individuals with licensing.

Onboarding and Branch Support Team

It is our branch support team’s mission to ensure a smooth process for our new team members through project management. Our team will make several branch visits and work within every new branch until they are comfortable with the system. They will also work as a liaison between the branch and the corporate office.


We understand the importance of marketing and branding yourself in the mortgage industry and our marketing team works closely with every loan officer and branch manager in our company to help them do just that. Our corporate marketing team, including a full-time graphic designer, can assist you with your social media branding, promotions, and marketing compliance.  They also offer an efficient CRM tool and company-hosted websites that have an LOS-integrated application portal.


If you are interested in working with a company that forward invests in strategic growth instead of growing for the sake of growing, then let’s talk!

“Mortgage professionals who have an entrepreneurial spirit thrive in our system! When you’re on Team Inlanta, you have the ability to run your business and share in the value you create. We believe with hard work, honesty, integrity and a strong passion for customer care, there is no limit to how much you can grow and achieve.” – Nick DelTorto Inlanta Mortgage President/CEO

Originate More & Worry Less in 2017


It is officially the new year and we’re hoping you haven’t given up on your New Year’s resolutions just yet. If so, we’ve got a new one for you…originate more & worry less in 2017!

We’ve had a great past year and looking back, what an end to 2016! After the mid-year windfall of Brexit, The Fed gave the Mortgage Industry a lump of coal in our collective stocking with a final rate hike and their announcement of a more aggressive position on anticipated rate hikes for 2017. In early December our TPO Manager, Dave Stephan, had written that the fundamentals of the market were sound and we were off to a year of solid growth, although we could see some more rate volatility in 2017.

Dave recently quoted, “I generally like it when my predictions come true, but did they have to arrive with such brutal swiftness and accompanied by phrases like “Mortgage rates at 3 year high” or “Origination volume to drop by 20% in 2017”?”

So, one thing we all know is that if you’re in the mortgage business, and you don’t like change, you probably shouldn’t be in the mortgage business. Although the share of refi’s in overall volume is still lower than purchase for your bank or credit union (hopefully), lenders will most certainly see some negative impact from the upward slope in the rate landscape. The question is, how to offset this potential decrease in origination volume and ultimately your institution’s earnings. A few of the questions Dave had posed in December take on some additional urgency:

  • Are there any gaps in your current mortgage product offerings?
  • Do you currently originate any government loans? FHA or VA?
  • If in or adjacent to more rural areas, do you originate USDA RD loans or are you familiar with the program?
  • Is your mortgage production easily scalable?

With many or most existing homeowners sitting on a sub 3.5% fixed rate, the incentive to trade up is likely to see a drop off. The good news is, we have Millennials poised to enter as first time home-buyers and they are expected to largely dominate the purchase market for the next decade. That means, as a lender, you need all the tools you can possibly have to meet the demands for this mushrooming demographic.

Inlanta’s Third Party Origination program allows you to easily access these essential first time home-buyer products. If you have not previously worked with government programs, we offer training to help your staff recognize opportunities and provide a seamless experience throughout the origination process. Working with you, our TPO team takes care of the processing, underwriting, and closing, also providing the ease of scalability with no additional processing staff to train or maintain.

We’ll help you originate more and worry less. Need more information? Email Dave at or call 262.754.6292 or visit our LinkedIn page.

Focusing on Employee Investment in the New Year


Senior Vice President of Business Development for Inlanta Mortgage, Chad Gomoll, was recently featured in a National Mortgage Professional Magazine article discussing key factors to focus on in 2017.

While the article discusses 4 main components Chad & Inlanta are focusing on in the year to come, Chad notes the importance of investing in employees first and foremost.

“Many companies think that the first step in growing your business is to expand your sales team. While this is certainly an important part in growth, you need to remember to start by investing in the employees you already have. Providing your existing talent with opportunities to learn and grow in their careers has a multitude of benefits.”

Chad goes on to discuss the benefits of employees feeling valued within their company and how investing in employees not only increases efficiency but also improves the organization as a whole.

“First, Investing in your employees creates an energized work culture that people want to come back to day after day, year after year. Sometimes the best ideas for growth come from within. Go through your departments, find out what makes them tick, why their work is important to them, and how they think their work impacts the company as a whole. By learning about the people who work for your company, you build their confidence, their trust in the organization, and their relationship with you and the organization at large. Talk to your top producing branches and find out their secrets for success. Each branch has its own process, but the most successful ones know how to utilize the systems your company already has in place. They know where the pain points are and how to solve the problem. They are able to navigate your internal process efficiently – how file flow works, who to contact when they need help, etc.


When people enjoy what they do and feel valued by their company, they work harder and more efficiently. Investing in your employees makes your business more efficient. When you take already successful individuals and expand their knowledge base, their line of thinking, and their product offerings, you are able to streamline efficiencies as well as empower your employees to take on new challenges that will advance the company forward. On an operations level, cross-training your staff on multiple product offerings or in other roles can help keep business moving if there is a vacation or an unexpected illness. It also increases efficiencies because you have multiple people who can handle certain projects instead of just one or two people. Same thing goes for your sales team – by helping them improve their marketing and sales ability, as well as increasing their product knowledge, you are providing them with the necessary skills and tools to bring in new leads and close more deals, ultimately boosting the bottom line.”

Click here to see the article in full from NMP Magazine: